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Languedom is a personalized translation service for multilingual communication solutions. We know how complex and rich languages are, and because of that, our translations are only human-powered. This will guarantee you high quality documents and reliability in any format. We provide also immediate solutions in a variety of subjects. From documents of aeronautical engineering, of medical sectors to Nonprofits articles.
We have moreover professionals that can transcreate and localize your products and services in the best possible manner.

Native translation

All our translations are carried out by professionals working in their native language. With these intellectual capacities, that are currently the only ones to guarantee the highest quality of translations, which means better outcomes for your document.

Supported languages

Sector expertise

All translations need the right words, mainly Specialized texts. Our translators know their sector, so even aeronautical or medical contents are not a problem for us, rather a challenge to learn always something new.

Supported sectors

A whole network

If your language or service is not listed, we can recommend you the right people, since we work with a network of freelancer translators and trustworthy translation agencies.

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Languages we support

Languedom is not only specialized for audiences in the Spanish and Italian speaking areas, but also in the German and English ones. If your language is not listed, we can recommend you the right people, since we work with a network of freelancer translators and trustworthy translation agencies.


About our Services

We perceive translation as a means to connect cultures, ideas and ventures, and by doing so, providing and creating new possibilities. Languedom seeks always to guarantee excellent results at all times, offering reliable solutions based on a personalized service to each of our clients.


Translation and transcreation are key to render texts that communicate properly and professionally. Have you thought about how easy could be to expand your website or blog to new lands? In addition to translate we also adapt the meaning and sense of the text to fully be understood and spreaded across the addressed communities. In this way, you will be sure of avoiding any type of blunders.

Proofreading & Editing

One should have the same experience reading a translated document as reading the original, and perhaps you could need a polish off of your manuscript, PhD thesis, script or novel. We make sure that your text will be not only grammatically accurated, but will have the corresponding social and cultural value.


We make sure that your project “speaks” to the target market with the very same effect and meaning, by recreating the content of your project. With this feature your text goes beyond the mere localization. You will preserve the creative and emotional intent of the content in the targeted languages and cultures.


If you have a recorded audio or video material that you would like to transcribe, we can help you!. Take for example the audio podcasts, which their transcription allow you a greater spread, as well as it represents a polite gesture towards users with some kind of auditory impairment. Contact us and send the file with the details of the project. We will give you right away the quotation.


Do you need help in writing Marketing materials or informative articles? Copywriting is a skill that requires many communicative capacities, imagination and the techniques of a seller. Moreover we also offer Ghostwriting services, which is another feature of copywriting, in Italian and Spanish. Contact us and let us know about your needs and seeing how we can help you.


We are passionate of cultural contents, but also of technicals as those of engineering, health and even accademics. We have also experience in social contents as ONGs and ecology. Which of the followings could be interesting to you?


Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering documentation, regulatory approval. Energy: mining, cement, oil and gas, and renewable energy.


Medical technology. Press health & nutrition.Pharmaceutical: patient information leaflets, or packaging labels, clinical records.


Diploma and Academic transcripts, credentials and course descriptions. Degree certificate & diploma. Scientific documents, conference, presentations. Journals & manuscripts.


Books, Blogs, Comics, Essays and poems, Magazine articles, Newspaper features, Research papers, Screenplays, Short stories.

NGOs & Nonprofits

Articles on Humanitarian, enviroments, global development, ecology, opportunities, human rights, informational news.


Museums events, Festival brochures Programme exhibitions, audio tour, cataloghes, guides, press releases, Lectures.

How it works


Contact us and request a quotation for your particular text. Send us your text or an excerpt with some indications through our form.


After an agreement let’s start with the very translation process itself.


Lastly, the delivery of the document as agreed before.

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If you need a free quote, you may fill in our online form. Or if you have any question or suggestion simply contact us via email at and we will find a the best solution that suits your demands.

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We do not believe in the automated provision of quotes, as every text requires a specific kind of translation and has to be read through in detail beforehand.
We can therefore only provide a quotation for your translation after we have analysed the respective project.
Please use our quote form or send us the text to be translated via e-mail. We will then get back to you right away and provide the necessary quotation.

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