Business Translation Services

Whether your business is moving into a new market and needs documentation and content localized, or you are attempting to improve your customer's overall experience in an existing foreign market, Languedom is your go-to business translations services.

Use Language Services to Grow Your Business Internationally With Multilingual Communication Strategy

Many businesses have never considered using interpreters or translators. Here are a few reasons why you should:

1 Translation services increase revenue and expand your market share potential by offering your products and services to markets who don’t speak English. We can translate your marketing materials and website, or facilitate communication between your sales, customer service, and other departments.

2 Translation services improve customer service in a globalized economy. Your paying customers will feel more comfortable speaking to you in their native language, and likely continue doing business with you as a result.

3 Translation services make you look more favorable than the competition in the eyes of Hispanic and minority customers.

4 Translation services increase call center efficiency by reducing your average handle time. Any available agent can communicate with your customers if you use our service.

In Languedom we can help you chart a course to success.

Our business translations services will reliably translate any of your company's documentation, including:

• Website content, FAQs

• General business communication, letters, emails

• Marketing and advertising materials

• Legal documents

• Financial documents

• Procedural and policy manuals

• Technical documentation

• Or any other documents that you require to succeed in new markets that speak new languages.

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  • Corporate Translation Services

    Our translation services can help companies navigate the waters of foreign markets and those of global business opportunities.

    Whether you are an established multi-national with extensive translation needs or a new ship looking to make a splash in a bigger sea, our corporate translation services can and will meet your needs. We just want to know one thing: What can we do to help your company achieve success in key foreign markets?

    Our corporate translation services feature:

    So as you seek new ways to reach, engage, and support customers and prospects, we’ll help with solutions that span all channels, platforms, and devices. And with our unique combination of geography, technology, and language and cultural expertise, we’ll help you connect with more customers everywhere—through the diverse translation services including;

    • Website Translation

    • Software Localization

    • Real-Time Translation for Chat & Forums

    • Interpreter Services

    Thanks to our deep language and cultural expertise we can support your global business needs. Getting professionals on a global scale by strengthening your connection to consumers everywhere.